We are a Glasgow based cultural platform for the diaspora of communities from around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The need to create Two Rivers was borne out of our own need to connect, learn and understand our identity and cultural heritage.  Having grown increasingly frustrated by the never ending negative headlines about our homeland, we decided to change the narrative and focus on all the positive things that unite us.

We aim to bring you events that showcase the many beautiful aspects of our heritage and these will take the form of film screenings, art exhibitions and Iraqi food pop ups.  

We passionately believe that the strength of our communities lies in their combined differences.  Our goals for this initiative are to:

  • Unite the diverse communities of this region as they exist in Scotland by creating mutual understanding;

  • Support integration with the wider community;

  • Empower individuals and groups from these communities;

  • Promote the cultural heritage of these groups