A New Narrative.


Two Rivers is a space that we can share together to make the diasporic experience prosperous and empowering for our diverse community.



A New Narrative

We created Two Rivers because we wanted a way to connect with our culture and heritage as well as unite our community.  We couldn't find a group or organisation that we felt truly represented us so we decided to create out own.  We hope that the platform that we have created will bring together others who strive for the same.   

Two Rivers is our response to the never ending negative headlines about our homeland.  We want to show you how the Iraqi identity, both at home and within the diaspora, is slowly evolving past the stories of conflict.  

We aim to bring you events that highlight the many beautiful aspects of our heritage and these will take the form of film screenings, art & music exhibitions, as well as Iraqi food pop ups.  

Our aims are to:


Unite the diverse communities of this region as they currently exist in Scotland.


Support integration with the wider community .


Empower individuals and groups from these communities .


Promote the cultural heritage of these groups .


                                    Our Team

l-r: Rasha, Vivian, Riezan

l-r: Rasha, Vivian, Riezan

It all started when...